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Adrenaline rush

Remember the thrill you got when you rode that huge ride in the amusement park, or the kicks that you got when you sneaked out of your house for the first time. The joy of partying till the sunrises or the randomness of traveling to the other corner of the city just to make your day different!!

There is certain sense of excitement in breaking the rules. A satisfaction. A pleasure derived from the daily stuff. When you run behind a train to catch one and you succeed! The overwhelming sense of accomplishment.
A greed to try new things. To experience the different. All of us desire it. The feeling that we cross those boundaries made at us.
Everything becomes like a wall that can be broken and guess what, the after effects are best part of the whole deal.
But if we really sit and obsess about the whole deal , it can turn maddening. Of course extreme of anything is disastrous and that is not what I am trying to express here.

All am trying to say is that you are the owner of your life. Stop cribbing about every single obstacle that comes your way. Stop winning about how boring your life is. Stop blaming someone else for your monotonous laziness.
Every day can be a new adventure if wanted. But you gotta break through for that and rules and meant to be broken. Right 😉

Find something new to do today.  Make your own life interesting and exciting, otherwise where’s the fun in being good?? Time once gone, never returns. Everyday can be made worth living, if tried. Am sure you don’t want to look back and regret about all the things you missed out on!

So get up from that addictive bed, think beyond facebook  and do something that you have been thinking of doing since forever now!! Let me also know if anything was hammered by you for a change! 🙂 Ill be waiting for some responses!

One thought on “Adrenaline rush

  1. Hey, i have something to share..

    I can feel the Adrenaline Rush when i run everyday. Every round i complete, i feel highly motivated to go for one more. Its not about how much pain we suffer at that time, its about that one more step forward. That keeps me moving forward. When i am totally exhausted and my muscles are suffering from intense pain(this usually starts from the 3rd or 4th round), i feel it is just impossible for me to complete that round. However, when i keep completing one by one, and ultimately complete 12, feel great sense of accomplishment!! 🙂 Many people live years after years, without an iota of this feeling. I feel Great when i finally lay down on ground to relax and breathe..

    The background: i was a good dancer in my school years. I would dance everywhere-in my room, classroom, bathroom, except on stage.I would join the dance group in school gathering, practise the steps, and get lost one the day the dance was scheduled to be, on the stage. I would get a lot of scolding for this(was even beaten up
    once!). I was very shy and would think that every one would laugh at me when i would dance.When i would see my friends dance on stage on videos after the gathering, i would feel extremely defeated and depressed. I would hate myself for that fear of being on stage.This kept happening until one day, i decided i would kick its ass. I went in front of the mirror and told myself that i had to dance on stage this time. No mater what, no matter how many people were seeing me, no mater how badly they would laugh at me, and make fun of me.It was the Founder’s Day celebration in my company. There were around 200 people in the auditorium, all of who wondered if i could ever dance. My name was announced as a dancer. Something happened deep down my heart. I felt intense fear and a compelling desire to run out of that place. I badly hoped that it was just a nightmare and i would wake up now. I pinched myself hard, but to no avail.I criticized myself badly and scolded that it was the worst decision that i had ever taken in my life(People who have gone through this fear would know how it feels). I couldn’t run away, as that would be the most embarrassing moment in my life, anyway. Another thought came into my mind-“if you really want to learn something, the first thing you must do is to double your failure rate”. I made some calculations.Out of 200 people present in the hall, only 100 would dare to come on stage, even for a walk. The 100 others would not even stand on stage. This gave me some confidence. I stepped forward. I could here claps and shouts- one said, “mere imagination of how this guy would dance is the biggest joke on earth today”. That hurt me deep in my heart. I thought, if i could hear that on stage, everyone must have heard that, including all the girls in the office… that was really
    depressing you know! 😦 My close friends prayed, these 120 minutes end well and i would return back without an emotional trauma. I had a chance there, an opportunity to say that this was a mistake and i could have requested them to start with the next performance, putting forward the craziest excuses in front if them. However, that
    way, i would have felt a guilt inside me. I felt that i would explode if i didn’t dance there that moment. I realized that i could live with the embarrassing experience of an awkward dance, but not with an excuse of running away from that stage.That moment would in fact, decide the peace of my mind for days to come. All the grief and
    regret of not performing on stage that had been there within my mind would not let me live peacefully. Seeing my facial expressions, the announcer did his part and asked me if we could move to another performance keeping in mind the time constraints that they have. I said “no, I can do it, and i will.” I thought, about all the fearful creatures on earth that remain ‘nobody’ through their lifetime. They do nothing remarkable in their lives. I thought it is an opportunity here that i would give whatever i knew in the 22 years of my knowledge in dance and stick around for 120 seconds without giving up. That was it! The decision was made, i had to act on it now.This whole train of thoughts ran across my mind in just a few seconds. I gathered myself together and was ready to fail. I made my find to fail but not to run away.I had to defeat the fear inside me this time, no matter what happened. I pulled all my energy together, and started as the music began. The first steps were perfect. According to HPM, human beings use negligible part of their brain power. We, actually are capable of doing great things with our mind and body, if we use that large untapped potential. I thought before every beat couple of seconds before and managed the steps that i would perform. I have always been good at some acrobatic stunts. I knew three perfectly and had been doing them intermittently since a few years. I used them after interval of a few relatively simple ones. I lacked in charm
    and the eye contact(when i would see the spectators- about 200 in front of me, i would be so afraid that i would miss a beat.)However, i did the other steps perfectly with notable brilliance. I had no smile on my face. However,even the most difficult of the steps that even professionals would sometimes make mistakes in, i did them with great elegance and acute perfection. The balance was just good enough to control myself and save myself from humiliation. I heard some exclamations, claps and whistles intermittently- this was when i successfully managed the gymnastic stunts. Those claps increased my confidence. The most important thing of my dance was that,
    by the end of 120 seconds, i made a couple of guys shout ‘once more’. That was really one of the most inspiring moments of my life. This incident changed my outlook towards looking at the stage. I don’t have stage fear at all now. I might get nervous to an extent, but i wouldn’t run away at all. I called my Mom and told her that i finally “Did It!!” It was great! I was happy for myself that my childhood fear was now gone! All my shyness has gone. I feel confident now. I danced a few months later again, this time with practice and smile and much better!!! 🙂 This proves Failure is a great teacher!

    These two have been my most remarkable experiences about the Adrenaline Rush and sense of achievement! Thanks for giving an opportunity to share 🙂

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