An attempt to read the beauty

Stand, facing a piece of art work and if it fails to hold your attention, it fails its purpose.

You can only understand the value of a painting, if you actually make an effort to because its all in the mind. Its the way you perceive it. If you stand facing an abstract painting with a nonchalant mind, you’ll never get the intention behind its creation. When an emotion is born out of your thughtful analysis of the whole image, a connection is build up.

I recently visited my first Art festival and I swear, you can take my word for it, that you just cannot spend mere hours in one. It can literally take days for you to relish each art work from your eyes. The whole experience is exalting. Its a completely different one altogether. It calms you up, transporting you to another world. An artist’s world. And at this moment, a peek into its journey begins!

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