Friends · Life · Teenage blues

The Witness

Its a battle.

I can hear the battle cries

I know

None is wrong

None is right

The effect of it will stay for long

broken hearts

wounded flights

expectations clashed

innocents slashed

Hopes are dead

for a true life.

It was a battle.

and i can still hear the cries

End is here

but no result

all is left

are broken hearts,

wounded flights,

crashed expectations,

slashed innocence

lost trust

forever, forever.

I see it all through

Its clear as water

and i feel like a

dumbstruck trife.

2 thoughts on “The Witness

  1. ya sure.
    This poem here can be interpreted in any way you want. But i shall give you a hint of the jest of it.
    The witness here witness a battle/ fight/argument where he is aware of the situation the reason of the whole matter. He can see clearly the reason behind the whole thing and probably even knows that who is at fault here.
    But inspite of it, he is too meek/ afraid a coward to interfere. He might even have his own reason behind it.
    Its an open interpretation and that’s the beauty of it. Care to make your own now. 🙂

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