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I sat there in peace.

In serenity.
Surrounded by all that i pleased.
I sat facing the sea
Of my my never ending dreams.
Content with today
This life, some kind of play.
Watching all the drama,
I smiled to make way for karma.

I walk through this lane
This lane of dirt, the only way.
Of calm humanity
Of hope n dry streams.

Everything has its end.
However all will be, its temporary.
No one knows their tomorrow
So relish each morrow
For you never know, what will stay in life’s way.
It goes on.
After each happiness and sorrow.

2 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. beautifully written…true this..every sorrow every happiness all has an end…after darkness comes light…nothing lasts forever so don’t let something bother you beyond requirement…live. laugh. love

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