Crush · Growing up · Life · Love

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

For a brief span of time i actually believed that you love me.

For a brief span of time, my heart skipped a beet.

But wrongfully that was not what it was

and yet again a little piece inside me died.

I feel all alone now

A vacant space below.

You made me wait, you came,

but were never here to stay.

Sweet talking, you had made your way.

It’s the hundredth time my heart breaks

and nothing remains

Its hopeless, i feel to fall in love again

when you have to leave to never return again

No hope anywhere.

Other aspects are also pushing over me

Bending me down low beneath.

Oh, its so hard to stay strong

I just want to sit down n weep

But tears don’t seem to creep,

through the eyelids of my dream

Helpless to not give up

I don’t scream. Instead

Try to work out things,

Better than what they seem.



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