“I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
And it takes all your courage to do so.

"Being Abhineet Kanodia"

I just watched ‘basketball diaries’, and I am obviously overwhelmed with its thoughtful liberation (God, I’m in love with this word). Starting from where the movie ends, I get to the point where I am at – stuck in the dilemma of whether I should or should not quit college, and set on a journey of my own, the way I want my next moment to be.

Papa told me that I’d later regret not having a degree. My room-mate warned me that I wouldn’t be able to even do Master’s without doing Bachelor’s. A friend told me that perhaps it’s not the right time. Another pleaded me to postpone till I can brag of a degree. As I see the prospects, I am expected to get ‘qualification’ in some form and then go on living a prosperous life, which would entail a hefty bank balance and thus the ability…

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