The Brighter Side

If all our thoughts and all our minds

Would resonate with all our mights

Would we achieve the greatest sights

The highest mountains, the lowest fights


If all our miseries would disappear

In the thin air with our fears

Only courage left behind

Confidence in our strife


A little whisper in the air

Would me mind me coming near

And facing it in the eye

All the evils I left behind

The temptations, the crusades

Lewd intentions, shallow ways

Empty stops, commas erased

Dreamy gestures, mindless games


I stared at each with a new set of eyes

My ambitions, my character, my personality, personified

The dream, the goal, my career, I came here to create

I burned these frivolous beings

With this growing fire inside

None can stop me now

Not even my grown dark side.

Am tearing my chest apart,

Revealing the glowing treasure inside 

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