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Watch me ON SCREEN !!

There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life. – Federico fellini

Hey all, I know I should be writing at great lengths about this one but I would love to get your reviews over it! So instead I hold my breadth and wait for all you critics out there to tell me exactly what do you think about my acting debut! Go ahead and comment!!

4 thoughts on “Watch me ON SCREEN !!

  1. Well, I am no professional critic, but a student studying Television Production.
    So from whatever little knowledge I have about the production, I would like to say,
    The subject seems to be pretty interesting, story and concept is good but then the technical side seems to be a getting it down. Problem of Auto White balance (AWB) is noticeable at 1:27, 6:18 , Basically whenever the camera angle changes, so that can be looking into.

    The script is good but then there is a good scope of improving the dialogs. I mean the narrative side can be improved.

    Now particularly coming to the acting side. Now actor is the face of the movie, Everything that the director or storyteller wants to convey, The actor is the medium. So Actor has to be very powerful in delivering.

    In your case. If I see as a first timer, its pretty good, I would say a good effort but there is a lot of scope of learning. If we see as a professional and that you want to take it forward you need to learn a bit more then. And before taking up any role and performing I think you should observe the character more closely. or put yourself in that mental state. If you are a reporter you should then observe more of the reporters for that time and see how they react, how they behave, the way they dress up, the way they deliver. So when you do that it will be more professional then and it will reflect. In this case. I would say it was a very nice try specially the expression “Taaki Jhaki” It seemed to be cute but then will a professional do like that really. But it was a good effort no doubt! also if its a comedy, I really didn’t get the feel of it. SO the narrative has to be strong according to the genre. May be you could have used a bit more music for the blank spaces or awkward silence.

    And also experiment with some more shots and at least fix the color tone of the movie in edit because that’s a basic.

    I know its a bit long but just thought of giving an honest review. May be you find me wrong at certain place but just a review. If you like something out if it, keep it!

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