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Poetry news – Hunting for a book cover

Hello Everyone,

I have been writing this blog since 2011. Along with this I have also started being very active on facebook, instagram, while recently launching my own youtube channel, where I read my poems for you.

The summer of 2019, I had even enrolled myself into the only Poetry College of Mumbai. A collective where we studied various forms of poetry, and dived ourselves into the poems of Indian poets.

Since 2005, it has been a long journey of exploring poetry which has led me to hold a collection of around 800 poems to my credit. This year, I decided to publish more and more. So I have been writing a new poem on instagram every day. Sometimes, even more than one poem.

My first Poetry Book

Announcing my first poetry book, a book of positive poems, under my brand PoetrybyPranjulaa. A book of about 20 poems full of hope, strength and love. Each poem is optimistic leading you to question and find the self love that you need.

While we are still enhancing the experience of the book, with breathtaking photographs by @wefocus, we need a book cover and book title. Designers, friends of designers, design community, spread the word. Bring your ideas in, support a positive thought!

Send your entries at at the earliest! I’ll be waiting!


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