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Quarantine day 70

I am unable to process things any more. Everything is moving so fast and yet it is going so slow. The government is making all sorts of things up. China is invading India, Pakistan is sending spies inside Kashmir, America and china is at cold war. There are conspiracy theories regarding the government and the lockdown and the virus. Everything is strange and unreasonable and not existent.

People’s lives are not important any more and we are only talking about the economy. Either ways we are fucked. There is no time to process.

I always have so much to do and I am always so bored.

I am learning French on Duolingo, listening to freida kahlo’s podcast, reading a book, watching a movie every day, running my business, applying for jobs, finishing a yoga degree, cooking, watering the plants, sometimes exercising, talking to friends, and existing.  Always existing.

Stepping out is breather sometimes, but we are currently in the hottest days of the month, at this part of the world.

Oh, while we have been stuck inside, a cyclone had hit Kolkata and a swarm of locusts has been hitting the eats part of the country.

Strange strange times we are living in.

The nature is taking back on us and yet we just can’t seem to let go of our old ways. Perhaps because change is always an effort and from the government’s perspective change is always a lot of investment when already you are struggling with keeping things running at bare minimum.

The migrants are walking for 20 days and reaching their villages. Upstate large houses in Mumbai are contracting the virus and dying. The news is talking of hindu-muslim divide.

My relationship with my parents is constantly healing, in minute ways. With my brother, I am mending the threads.   

I launched a book of positive poetry last month.

While the world is still busy dividing and finding its human sense, the only way to survive seems to be the one to focus on yourself. Your breathe.

2 thoughts on “Quarantine day 70

  1. Yes. The Focus on the Breath. 😊 ‘Cause you wanna journey, Truth, that uphill Trek!

    And so it will begin with the Breath. Truth is always as simple, Truth is the fucking Best. 😁🤟

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