Processing gratitude

Days have stopped making sense. Reality is an illusion. And today, it is so easy to be philosophical. Time is just a concept that we are trying to keep up with because of our work and school schedules and really doing something is the only way we are keeping ourselves sane.

I just watched the movie, Julie and Julia on Netflix and oh I must say it was such a delight. If you have watched it, you would know the reason behind why I felt like writing this blog immediately.

On Saturday, 6th June, I was invited by the local Radio Chaska 95 FM as a Pride of Gwalior (my parent’s city, my hometown and a place I have always had the trouble identifying as my city. I do identify more with Mumbai because I have lived there all of my adult life). Well, I was invited for a live and exclusive interview with RJ Muskaan there and really it was a pleasure.

They went live on facebook with some 3 lakh people listening to me and constant calls coming my way asking the same questions of how to be a poet and I realised oh my god. So many people struggling to express but don’t know how? So many deprived of humanities as a subject in high school and pushed toward engineering and civil services instead.

In response to this and due to a suggestive universal call of getting in touch with a lot of online educational institutes and organisations who want me to teach something. I decided what is better than to teach poetry? To sign up you can email me at pranjulaasingh@gmail.com

I was so overwhelmed with all that was happening in this world, that I forgot that this year has actually been very good for me. With audio book on Storytel and a self published ebook on Kindle, I didn’t even realize when I became an author and poet in my own right. Earlier in February, the arts magazine, Arts Illustrated also published my poem for which I won a competition to interpret their painting.

Now with 800 poems to my credit and these minor confidence boosts this year, I feel with this lock down and a surge in educational initiatives, I think I can afford to spread the love and help people heal themselves. It is daunting when I think of it but yes, next month I also have my yoga teaching exams because of which I am diving into my center as I spend more and more time rediscovering the wonder that I am, become the sun and spread light.

I wish the same for you.

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