Corona knocked at our doors

As soon as they took her away, a dark night set over our hearts. No one wanted to talk or laugh. We escaped into our own screens, work and entertainment. Things started to go down south. We functioned completely normally, but a slight hint of additional responsibility or stress, we gave the truth away. Almost as of it were an excuse. Instead, it was fact.

Sailing through calmly, across a storm, we continued with our existing commitments, felt little, ate on time and slept on time. There was no time to think. There was no time to feel. There was no time for death. We were too busy for death. So, death, just walked away. We all tested negative.

She was at the hospital, recovering. Recovering and living. Alive, interactive and active, with tubes and sharp pins trusted into her skin. Tests, upon tests, of health and patience, we waited on days, to return to making travel plans. A few sunsets later, it was just the same. They called to tell us that we should stay in. We should wait.

As soon as they took her away, a dark night set over our hearts. She wasn’t Covid-19 positive yet. Her lungs had started to give away, her heart’s secret, that she had been hiding for too long. Mother had been yearning for something that was long lost in everybody’s thoughts. Happiness. A birthright pursuit of happiness.

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