The burden of happiness

What Is Happiness?

Yeah. Sometimes, life is so good that you feel that something must get bad. We often need something to complain about out of deliberation.

Sometimes life is so good that it gets boring and how is one suppose to find excitement in routine or cherish every happiness let alone digest it.

Sometimes times just keep moving forward and we seem to be stuck in a loop of the same things.

We forget that we exhaust that loop, and that it is in our power to change. To wake up one day and decide that we want something different. Now, you would assume that this different could bring unhappiness into your loved one’s lives because they are use to seeing you in a certain way. That could be true too. When we change our ways, people around us, do get affected. Yet, when the goal is to pursue happiness, we must pursue that goal. Find joy in that journey, because when we are happy the people around us are happy to see us happy. So, don’t ever play pretend trying to keep others happy because they will never be happy. You be happy. When you need change, change.

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