Alive – Meets and greets

Met a dear old friend after six years today. Everything felt like it was just yesterday. This warm, fuzzy feeling seems to get settled inside, as we keep meeting friends and family after months and years. We meet them with an awareness that the next time might again come after a long time. We meet with the love and condition of living in the moment. It is hard. Beating on your chest hard. Sometimes, end of the world hard.

Everything seems to be going round and round in circles. Covid goes and then comes back again. Hellos and goodbyes don’t seem to end. Every day we are processing one layer before another one begins. No pause. No breathe.

Yet, we know, we feel, we dream, we rest. What a blessing to be alive! What a world to live in with each and every kind. We give and we take. We wake up. We begin again.

It is better to be thankful for this life rather than disappear in thin air.

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