Feelings about family

What is your relationship with you family like?

Your family by birth. Your family for life. How do you relate to your family, when every other relationship that you form throughout your life depends on your foundational relationship with you family. People who you live day in and day out with. These are the people you eat with, sleep around the same time with, grow up with, go out with. These are people who have helped you, while you have helped them. Supported and loved unconditionally and conditionally.

Covid either brought families together or tore them apart to the extent that they don’t want to see each other’s face. Covid leveled up everything. It opened wounds, healed, opened hearts. It brought fears, anxiety, depression, an unnerving calm. One either got too close to their family or was stuck so far away in isolation that the distances made them closer. People understood people. We started valuing lives. We started respecting each other. We started looking at each other as humans.

2020 to 2021 has really brought a tremendous change in the family dynamics. I know I am better off this side. Healed with them, and now without them still with them, connected every day. Where do you stand with you family now? Where were pre pandemic? What has changed? How do you feel about this? Would you ever go back?

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