In the last team meeting of the year, yesterday, when I revised the start of the year quiz into an end of the year quiz, I came across a very thoughtful question. During the meeting, it actually forced people to reflect.

“What are two weaknesses that you worked on this year?”

All of us have some kind of weakness that we overcame in 2021. For me, the two weaknesses that I could think of on the spot included:

  1. To be mindful about my spending and my savings

Throughout my 20s, I just couldn’t get myself to save. I was living on survival mode when it came to money. I found myself constantly struggling to make ends meet, or just making enough that I would be comfortable for a couple of months before I make some more to last me for the next couple of months and hence the cycle continued.

In 2021, I attempted to change this. Change my mindset. I started listening to podcasts like, “Girls that invest” after following them on Instagram for a couple of months. I finally started investing in small amounts. Last but not the least, I made financial goals and created saving funds in a high yield saving account.

I know there is a long way to go but every day I am learning something new. Every day I know that, every little step counts. Keeping a track of my money counts, deciding how much I need to spend to live a comfortable life counts. I did all this, because I never again want to live in the fear of being broke or my money getting over. I want to live in the abundance mindset. Increasing my income mindset. Establishing multiple streams of income, mindset.

2. Overcoming stress and anxiety

Managing my emotions has been a challenge. I believe, as a poet that I have a tendency to feel too much. When I feel, I process, I can write. When I write, I tend to exaggerate my feelings. All creative writers are found to be guilty of this. Of adding the drama into the facts of their life.

Therefore, this year with it’s ups and downs, it became inevitable that I would need to take control, and learn how to manage my emotions effectively. Move forward confidently. I think this is just a part of being an adult. A move closer to your 30s does definitely bring in perspective.

This year, I finished my Yoga Wellness Instructor certification. Teaching others yoga online, while practicing yoga every day for myself, helped me. Being aware of my breathe, meditation practices, supported this journey. Every time I use to start feeling overwhelmed, I went for a run, I danced, I sang, I started cleaning my room. It became important to channelize my energies instead of letting them destroy or control me in any way.


So, these were the two weaknesses that I tried to overcome this year. It has been a process, and it is going to be an ongoing one. I know that 2022, will only make me stronger.

What are the weaknesses that you overcame in 2021?

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