Growing up

New Year, New You? 2022 edition.

Here we are. Starting yet another year. Fooling ourselves that it is going to be any different than the previous year.

New years are great if you actually use them as motivation, but most of us find it very hard to do so. Thanks to the recently gone Christmas holidays clubbed with the New years break, makes it difficult to return our train back on track. Yet, there is a fresh energy in the air, which makes us dubiously hopeful that change will be an over night process.

Hence, there is a whirlwind of a domino effect where as the days pass, our new year resolutions start to become weaker and weaker and harder to follow. As someone rightly said that the best time to start a new year resolution is in November or December, a couple of weekly before the new year. Even better would be to start the resolution as soon as you think of it. Instead of waiting for 1st January, or a Monday or a 1st of any thing. Just decide and start now.

Anyway, this was my take on the new year, new you trend that we all see at this time of the year. What do you think about it?

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