Who am I?

An international award winner, and performer, I have written 3 books, 800 poems, worked on more than a hundred freelance writing projects for digital marketing agencies, graphic designers, and small business owners.

I love writing. I believe creative content writing is my super power. I love coming up with good copy, which really connects with the reader. When I not writing, I am doing yoga or promoting artists.

Previously, I have written for companies like Energy Dais, On The Go Kids, Duct Vice, Koodo Tech, Storytel, Tech 58, Arora Technologies, Padgett, Maxwell Additives, and Pranjal Arts.
I have experience with

Experience with lifestyle brands, graphic designing professionals, tech companies, and luxury brands.

Content writing achievements and portfolio


Art Blogs:

1) https://pranjalarts.com/blog/makeshift-art-studios
2) https://pranjalarts.com/blog/art-for-communitie
3) https://pranjalarts.com/blog/introducing-art-auctions
4) https://pranjalarts.com/blog/what-is-printmaking
5) https://pranjalarts.com/blog/chanderi-fabric-from-chanderi-town


Technical blogs:

1) https://insights.energydais.com/high-temperature-sensors-arora-technologies/
2) https://insights.energydais.com/broad-spectrum-biocide-maxwell-additives/
3) https://insights.energydais.com/how-tosell-oilfield-equipment-online/


Family blogs:

1) https://onthegokids.in/blogs/18
2) https://onthegokids.in/blogs/29
3) https://onthegokids.in/blogs/40
4) https://onthegokids.in/blogs/39
5) https://onthegokids.in/blogs/33
6) https://onthegokids.in/blogs/65
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8) https://onthegokids.in/blogs/62
9) https://onthegokids.in/blogs/59
10) https://onthegokids.in/blogs/56
11) https://onthegokids.in/blogs/50
12) https://onthegokids.in/blogs/76


For any kind of writing services, email me on pranjulaasingh@gmail.com