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Are your thoughts and views the foremost to you? Can you stop the environment you live in to stop affecting your choices? May be not, may be, yes. If you are one of those people who know exactly what you what out of life, then congrats! Nothing can you stop you from having a safe landing to where you belong!

But what if you are so utterly puzzled with your purpose and feel like a tiny grass in the whole of grassland where everyone is at your head, ready to cut you out at the first sign of your growth!? Your decisions are influenced by the your surroundings. Where you have to take each step, with the permissions of other. Your every action is governed by the authorities in your life. Your life becomes a game, where you are left alone in the city but are constantly controlled by the administrators.

Mumbai. This city is either about Bollywood or Money making. The middle class is happily satisfied by travelling in cramped trains and buses, if by the end of the month they have collected a reasonable amount in their respective bank accounts. As for the ones, a little above on the ladder, a little bit of Glamour is all they seek in their lives. Living here, it feels that there is actually no more to life, than fame and money, and practically to think so, yes, it feels true too.

But am sure it’s not the end all and be all of our existence. This city inspires me to crack my brains to stand out in this race. This never-ending struggle, where you need a lot of persistence. It reminds that I have a lot to learn yet. Lots to experience, before I finally achieve something concrete. Something that can help me enter others thought processes, even if for a day. And if on my way, I accidentally achieve money and fame, so be it . But till then, am here to learn, to experience all ups and downs. Lets the journey resume!!

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