The under current

The anticipation is growing like a stem.

The waves soar so high n then drop bottom low when you show me your attitude boat.

With your face like an angel, why does cruelty boils down to torture!? Shy, busy, whatever the reason, just tell me how much do I have to wait for the love season.

Attempts have lost direction. Now even I have no patience. Ego brimming to its full, I still wait for that one look. I still wonder about the thoughts that cross your mind. Still hopeful that some day you will be mine.

Things were so smooth some time back. I don’t know what caused the talking crash.

Now I can’t even claim the friendship to be. Not a boyfriend yet, but its the friend i seek.

But thankfully the situation has not gone out of hand. I don’t have an extreme care. I can let things go. Let it be. If that’s how you want us to be.

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